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Sugarpill: Official Makeup Brand for Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary!

Sugarpill is proud to be the official makeup brand for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Celebration. The grand 3-week event took place at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City, California. Models lit up the catwalk wearing colorful Sugarpill makeup to compliment their Hello Kitty themed outfits.

Makeup artist Tess Kim applies Dollipop eyeshadow to model Hanna Beth

Makeup artist Sinh Vo applies Starling and Dollipop eyeshadows to model Lauren WK

Model Katie (wearing Afterparty eyeshadow) and makeup artist Shandra Jade

Model Victoria wearing Love+ eyeshadow and a Twinkie Chan scarf

Sinh and me. I’m wearing Royal Sugar eyeshadow!

The crowd outside. Photo by The Hundreds

Cameras. Scary!!

Lauren WK in a Shrinkle dress.

Katie in Chubby Bunny. Photo by Ronysphotobooth

Hanna Beth in Jessica Louise. Photo by Ronysphotobooth

Melody wearing Love+ eyeshadow and designs by Die, Onch, and Topsy Turvy.

Victoria wearing Love+ eyeshadow and designs by Twinkie Chan, Pizzicato Kei, and Boring Sydney.

Giving Hello Kitty a big fat kiss for a job well done!

Lauren WK wearing Starling and Dollipop eyeshadows

Marina wearing Love+ and Bulletproof eyeshadows, dress by Ego Assassin

D’Vil Monroe wearing Decora and Royal Sugar eyeshadows, designs by Antiseptic & Bubbles and Frown

Faery in Flamepoint and Dollipop eyeshadows, dress by Artifice Clothing.

Twink in Asylum eyeshadow, dress by Candyspooky.

Photoshoot for upcoming Sanrio book

The End!


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