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Amy Doan Shrinkle Sugarpill
I'm Amy Doan, the founder of Sugarpill.

Since 2010, Sugarpill has been a trailblazer in unique, unapologetically cute, and cruelty-free cosmetics. We believe in the freedom of limitless self-expression through makeup.

The dream began in 2003, when Myspace, Tumblr, and Livejournal dominated the fashion scene. I was running my own DIY punk fashion line called Shrinkle, which consisted of colorful, upcycled thrift store slips and sluttified band tees embellished with lace and hardware. While showcasing my clothing online, I received numerous inquiries about the dramatic, intensely hued makeup I wore, which was actually theater paint I adopted from performers in the underground drag clubs I’d been frequenting since I was a fake ID-toting teen. 

I was frustrated by a beauty market saturated with products which promised to accentuate natural beauty and conceal “flaws.” Fashion magazines warned against pairing bright blue eyeshadow with bold lips, lest - God forbid! - one attracts too much attention.

When I realized there was a huge demand for super vibrant, high quality makeup in the club scene, I decided to make it more accessible by selling makeup from the theater store alongside my clothing. It was an instant hit, but I wished I had control over the quality, formula, and colors.

I dreamed of a gender-inclusive makeup line that offered daring shades other brands were afraid to make, in a professional-grade, high-end formula - all wrapped up in the most adorable packaging ever. Inspired by the colorful characters in my life, I began to develop my own unique brand of cosmetics for those of us who use makeup as an art form but could not find a brand that understood our unconventional lifestyles.

After five years in development, Sugarpill launched a small but eagerly anticipated collection of insanely bright eyeshadows in never-before-seen shades on Valentines Day 2010. Within months of launch, we became the most talked about brand in the indie makeup world. Today our range includes super pigmented matte and duochrome eyeshadows, metallic and glitter lip colors and glosses, vegan lashes, themed and customizable palettes. We pioneered the world’s first matte-to-sparkle glitter liquid lipstick, Trinket, which quickly went viral and kicked off the worldwide craze.

Despite our rapid growth, we refuse to sell out by losing sight of our mission to create ethical makeup that represents the underrepresented. Our products are made locally in Los Angeles to ensure safety and quality control.  We do not repackage private label - all formulas are our own, so we know exactly what's in 'em!

Sugarpill Dumpster Cat Turkey

As a supreme animal lover, keeping Sugarpill cruelty-free was never a question. By offering a beautiful selection of cruelty-free cosmetics - most of them vegan - I hope to show people how fun and easy it is to make animal-friendly choices. 

Seeing my vision come to life has been a dream come true, and I could not have done it without you!

Amy (@shrinkle)
and Turkey